The #1 Affiliate Program in Vaping

Earn more with our affiliate program than with the competition.

  • Earn 15% Per Conversion

    MigVapor offers the highest affiliate payouts in the vaping industry.

  • Get 60-Day Access to Cookies

    Receive sixty-day access to browser cookies whenever someone clicks on the Affiliate URL provided.

  • Sign-Up and Receive a $25 Bonus

    No charge to become an affiliate. All new members receive a $25 bonus for signing up!

    Grow your affiliate business with all the tools we’ll provide!

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Why Choose Us

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    High Conversion Rate

    One of the most recognized brands in vaping. Our site has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. The average amount of every sale is above $50.

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    Commissions Tracking

    Mig Vapor Affiliates are provided with a unique affiliate URL that tracks commissions for sales on our website. We track using: Profile Attribution / Browser Cookie / IP Address

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    Brand Recognition

    Benefit from association with the Mig Vapor brand, which is one of the most well-known and respected in the industry.

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    Referral Program

    Refer other affiliates to our program to receive $25 for every new member!

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    Wide Selection of Merchandise

    Explore a wide range of products from vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and vape mods, to things like bongs, glass pipes, bangers, and dabbers. Find the right product to promote, guaranteed!

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    Special Performance-Based Conditions

    Top-earning affiliates can apply for special terms and conditions based on their performance. Contact us if you think you can be one of our top performers.

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Our Results in Numbers

  • 100+

    The number of affiliates who have increased revenues through our affiliate program!

  • 200+

    Workforce providing the best customer service to our affiliates

  • 9%

    The average conversion rate of our Affiliates, although we are always working to increase that number


  • What is an affiliate program?

    An affiliate program is an arrangement between an online vendor or website that sells goods and services with an unrelated site (aka the affiliate) that sends traffic to the vendor website. Commissions are made only if a sale arises from the re-directed traffic, but merchants and affiliates usually decide between themselves how the commissions are made.

  • Who are the affiliates?

    Affiliates are typically websites that refer traffic to our website Mig Vapor Affiliates earn commissions on all sales generated through this traffic referral.

  • Are there any fees to sign-up to become an affiliate?

    There are NO fees to become an affiliate. WE pay all new members a $25 bonus when they sign-up.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    We offer a variety of payment options including payment plans, online payments via PayPal, bank transfers, and credit cards. Commissions exceeding $1500/month are paid via either domestic or international wire transfer. Depending on your payment preference, you will receive payment accordingly on the 15th day after the end of the month. You will also receive a detailed email outlining the commissions paid.

  • How much can I earn as an affiliate?

    An affiliate in our program earns 15% on each sale for NEW MigVapor customers. For EXISTING Mig Vapor customers, members can receive a lifetime residual commission of 8%. Top affiliates, those who bring in the most traffic and conversions, earn the privilege of receiving special terms and conditions.

  • When and how often do I get paid?

    Commissions are closed out at the end of business on the last day of every month. Payment arrives on the 15th day after the end of the month, for all commissions earned the previous month. There is a $100 minimum monthly threshold that every affiliate must reach to receive their sign-up bonus (in the first month) and their commissions for that month.

  • What happens if I do not meet the monthly $100 threshold?

    Affiliates who do not meet the monthly $100 threshold will not receive their sign-up bonus (in the first month) or receive a payout for that calendar month. Only after an affiliate reaches the $100 threshold will they earn their commissions for that month and every previous month.

  • How do I know my referrals are being tracked?

    Our affiliate program uses all the latest tracking software, as well as a combination of cookies and IP addresses for the most accurate accounting of site referrals and commissions. Our system registers every visitor from an affiliate site. The program then installs a cookie on the visitor’s browser. If a sale is made, the system checks to see if the referral came from an affiliate site by searching for that specific cookie on the customer’s browser.

    If the cookie is not found, it searches for an affiliate IP address to ensure the referral came from your site. Either way, if the referral came from your site, your account is credited with the commission.

  • Does my $25 sign-up bonus count toward the monthly $100 threshold?

    No, it does not. The $25 is credited only when an affiliate passes the threshold.

  • How do I refer affiliates to the Affiliate Program?

    Affiliates can send potential affiliates the Referral Link found on the left side of the screen in your affiliate account, which will direct the potential affiliates to our sign-up page. If they join, they will then be recorded in your Top-Tier Affiliate Account as “sub-affiliates.”

    If the new affiliates succeed in passing the threshold and receive a payout, you receive the $25 referral bonus.